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Our Entrepreneurship Challenge is a competition to see which individual can raise the most money, through any means of their choosing, in one month! It is open to elementary, middle, and high schoolers and runs from July 10 - August 10. All proceeds will go to Toolbox! Please sign up here if interested. 

Number Sense Classes (1).png

Number sense is a mental math competition in which one has to solve 80 math problems in 10 minutes. It is an incredibly useful skill to develop for academic math classes and daily life! All proceeds from tutoring will go to Toolbox. Sign up here if interested!

past events

Pictures from the very first Toolbox event, where we donated funds to provide supplies for the Wordsower India Charitable Trust, an orphanage in the Polampalli village of the Mancherial District in Telangana, India.  (August 2020)

Pictures from the opening of Toolbox's first Library on Wheels in a small school for children in New Delhi, India, at Sabki Pathshala, run by Nitu Singh. (December 2021)

Pictures from the second library opening in an intercollege in Divyapur, India. Many of the books in this library were for competitive exams, such as the civil services benchmark. (December 2022)

virtual coding camp (2).png

Our virtual coding camp for elementary and middle schoolers was held from June 12 to June 23, 2023, where our tutors taught Scratch, Python, Java, and C++! The students completed a variety of creative projects and games and have shown incredible progress.

Pictures from our third library opening on June 24, 2023. This library was opened in a government inter-college in Telangana, India. Furthermore, it has been stocked with over 150 books to help prepare the students for various competitive exams, such as India's medical and engineering exams.

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